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Rapidly changing economical scenarios combined with evolving virtual boundaries and technological advancements are always spawning a series of projects not only to remain competitive but also one-up than potential challengers. Corporations need to be highly flexible to quickly adopt and keep innovating. Product Managers need to continually prioritize Business-Requirements in Software-Development factories to ensure Corporations are as much effective as they can be without wasting any precious resources time, cost or opportunity.

We at Novel Soft offer our Clients to make use of our Project Management expertise to effectively manage these challenges using Industry-Standard software-development and management methodologies customized based on socio-economic landscape.

Our Project Managers assess the challenging needs of every project and recommend an effective software-development methodology for timely achievement of project goals and objectives to all stakeholders satisfaction within budget.

For Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) projects, we facilitate:

  1. Building Agile teams
  2. Portfolio-Increment planning
  3. Iteration-Planning
  4. Documentation & Tracking of PI-Objectives and Iteration-Objectives
  5. Track & Monitor Iteration-Progress
  6. Iteration & System demos
  7. Iteration-Retrospectives followed by Innovation & Planning iteration
  8. Deploy to Production on demand 

For standard Waterfall software development projects, we:

  1. Develop Project-Plans comprising of Project-Scope, Assumptions, Constraints, Project-Milestones, Work-Breakdown-Structure, Project-Schedule, Communication-Plan and High-Level Testing-Strategy.
  2. Collect Time & Cost estimates as well as monitor Baselined-Estimates against Actuals.
  3. Maintain all issues and risks in Issue/Risk log along with their history and status.
  4. Initiate, track, and monitor Change-Requests through assessment, estimation, approvals and closure.
  5. Collect status reports, monitor project performance and publish project status reports for distribution to stakeholders during all project phases starting from Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring & Controlling as well as Closing.
  6. Ensure timely completion of Project-Deliverables


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Anand Chug, Project Manager (PMI-PMP, PSM I, SAFe 4 Agilist, ASQ-SSGB)

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