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Novel Soft, Inc possesses two distinct advantages over other professional recruiters. First, most of Novel Soft’s recruitment professionals have themselves specialized in IT-business intelligence, data analytics, data science, data engineering, and data warehousing in their careers. Second, Novel Soft’s central focus is on employment within business intelligence, data analytics and data warehousing.

These two factors have been instrumental in developing extensive contacts and connections with vast number of professionals who work in these areas. This includes technical staff, executive and mid-level management professionals. Novel Soft’ s extensive national network of top business intelligence, data analytics, data warehousing and IT professionals—combined with our comprehensive digital database of corporations of all sizes—gives Novel Soft a huge head start when we are challenged with matching distinct positions with potential candidates.

Our clientele consists of leading companies in their fields, including Fortune 500, management consulting, software companies, boutique firms, and small to mid-sized businesses. We understand what these specific companies are looking for and can move quickly to turn around top talent to fill their needs. Because we are dedicated to building and maintaining long-term relationships with companies and candidates alike, our people and client businesses provide the best PR, and offer us invaluable referrals.

We provide deadline-oriented and cost-effective IT staffing solutions by leveraging our nationwide presence. The needs and requirements of the customer is our first priority. We believe in the core values of accountability, responsibility and authority close to the customer.

Here is how each of these factors works to allow Novel Soft to provide consistent, reliable service, and ROI for our clients:

Top-caliber talent

Our large pool of most qualified and experienced Information Technology and Marketing/Sales professionals, high volume of referred candidates and wide network of industry contacts of both active and passive network of candidates allows Novel Soft to identify top notch talent for even the most challenging requirements with high security clearance for executing most critical assignments.

Comprehensive Recruitment and Qualification Process

Conducted by seasoned professionals able to accurately assess technical skills and experience, our qualification process ensures that the most qualified candidates are considered for each job.

Precisely Matched Candidates

Novel Soft is an expert at uncovering the specific technical expertise and interpersonal skills needed for each requirement, as well as the work environment and cultural norms. We use this knowledge to deliver ideally suited consultants for every opening. Combining machine learning based screening with vetting by specialized subject matter experts.

Partnership Approach

Novel Soft serves as a true consultant to our clients. We spend time getting to know their business and team objectives, opportunities and challenges, and consultant usage patterns in order to collaboratively develop effective staffing strategies.

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